Step 1:

Create your Bubble Sheet Assessment (Linking standards is optional!)

Step 2:

Assign it to one or more of your classes

Step 3:
UPDATE: All PDFs will be able to be printed at once by 9/14/2019!

Print your Bubble Sheets. For now, this must be done class-by-class as shown below. 

The name of each class, the student's name, and the name of the assessment will be on each Bubble Sheet. 

The first class that you assigned the Bubble Sheet assessment will be generated from this screen as shown below:

Now print the Bubble Sheets for your other classes:

Step 4: 

Have students take your assessment!

Step 5:

Scan all of the complete Bubble Sheets into a SINGLE PDF file

Step 6: 

When ready, find your Assigned Bubble Sheet Assessment and drag the PDF file of your scanned results into each class. Don't worry: Otus and GradeCam will organize everything into the correct classes.

NOTE: You may see a yellow notification notifying you that only students from the selected course are being scanned into the class you have selected- this is a good thing!

Congrats! You should now see the results of your assessment in your Otus Gradebook and PowerSchool or Infinite Campus (if your school systems have chosen to integrate the gradebook).

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