Step 1: Select Create Assessment at the top right hand corner. 

Step 2:  Select Bubble Sheet from the assessment options. 

Step 3: Fill out Assessment Name, Assessment Type, and Grading Scale before selecting Next

Step 4: Choose how many Answer Options you would like the student to have.

Step 5: Select Click to add you first question, choosing from Multiple Choice and Rubric



Step 6: Select Point Value for points based assessment. If Mastery Level is chosen, a level will not need to be selected. 

Step 7: Choose Correct Answer and Link Standard (if you wish).

Step 8: Click the + symbol to add a new question. 



Step 9: Select Rubric to add a rubric based question to the assessment. 

Step 10: Click Edit to customize your rubric. 

Step 11: Enter the Point Value for each bubble. You may also give the option of a work space (small or large) and fill the area with a blank space, lines, or a grid! Select Save when complete



Step 1: Select Assign at the top right hand corner of the page.

Step 2: Choose the Class or Classes you need to assign this assessment to. Here you can also select a Submission date, toggle on/off "Include Score in Gradebook" and "Allow Post-Grading Review." Select Assign when you are done!



Step 1: Select Assigned assessment. (Assessment must be assigned to print out bubble sheet.)

Step 2: Choose Class from the drop down menu in which assessment is assigned and Click on the assessment. (If this is your first time printing out a bubble sheet, you will need to Accept Terms to allow GradeCam to sync with your assessment. This is a one time process.)

Step 3: Select Forms at the top of the page. This will bring up the Bubble Sheet for student to fill out. 

Step 4: Select Generate. 

Step 5: Select Download PDF. 

Step 6: Right click page and select Print

Note when printing: Only print the assessment in greyscale or color, do not print the assessment in black and white.  Black and white bubble sheets will be rejected when scanning, as they can misread answers. 



Option 1 - Web-Cam Scan: (Allow Web Cam access to use this option.) Hold up bubble sheet in the center of the screen. You will see a green box surrounding the test when it is level. Once it has been graded, you will hear a "Blip" noise and the grade will be shown at the bottom.

Option 2 - Scan and Email to self: In this option, you will scan the bubble sheets (usually using the school copy machine) and send them to your email. You will then receive an email containing a file with all scanned sheets. You simply drag and drop this file into GradeCam and each assessment will be graded automatically! 


*Need to Edit the Answer Key?*

Click HERE for more information.


*Disabling GradeCam*

In the event that your district needs to disable GradeCam, please contact Otus support. This can easily be done via the in-app chat or by e-mail. 

-If GradeCam is disabled, please note the following:

  • The data that was obtained using GradeCam will stay in the grade book and in analytics.
  • Access to the GradeCam view of the assessment will not be available.
  • District will not be able to build or grade any more GradeCam assessments.

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