Otus considers any time you measure a student's learning an assessment.  Assessments come in many different shapes and sizes in Otus, but they all asses student understanding of concepts.

Rubric-Based Assessment

A rubric based assessment is a customizable rubric that allows each row to be attached to a standard.  With the rubric based assessment, you can attach documents for the student to read along with the rubric so they can see what work will net them how many points.  With a rubric assessment, students can digtially attach their work to submit back to the teacher, or the teacher can just build the rubric and use it to grade a paper assessment without digital uploading and sharing.

Advanced Assessment

Advanced Assessment is our powerful 60+ item type assessment engine that allows teachers to create multimedia questions from multiple choice, to short answer, to chemistry formulas.  If your district opts in, you will also have access to a rich library of premade content tied to standards and other taxonomies for you to add to your advanced assessments.

Simple Assessment

Simple Assessment is our quickest, easiest to use assessment engine.  You can quickly build an assessment with multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions (These must be graded manually), connect each question to a single standards, and autograde with our simple assessment module.

+ Assessment

A Plus Assessment is a way you can quickly enter a simple one-metric score (points or term-based) into the gradebook for assessments or observations that were made outside of Otus.  You can connect a single standard to each + Assessment you add to the gradebok.  While this is a quick way to add data to the gradebook, we suggest only using this occasionally, as it doesn't capture as much accurate, actionable data as some of our other assessment tools.

Delete an Assessment

If you delete an assessment, you are removing it from your "My Assessments" list, and it will no longer be accessible.  If you just wish to delete it from the gradebook only but keep the assessment for future assignments, follow the instructions on how to Unassign Assessments here.

Unassign an Assessment

When you unassign an assessment you're removing the assignment from the students' gradebook, along with all of their answers and work.  If you wish to keep this data, but only exclude the grades form the gradebook, click here.


An assignment in Otus is merely a category you can give to any of our assessment types for organizational/reporting/grade weighting purposes.  Other categories include: Checklist, journal, lab, observation, homework, presentation, paper, project, quiz, test, and worksheet.


A lesson is a series of attachments and links that a teacher can put together to share with students to complete in or out of order.  As students finish up with each module of the lesson, they can mark that they've completed it, and the teacher will be able to see which modules each student has completed.  Generally, once a lesson is complete, the teacher can then administer an assessment to measure understanding of the concepts addressed in the lesson.

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