If you added an assessment to your gradebook by selecting the + icon, you can edit/grade it the same way you would for a simple, advanced, or rubric assessment! Just follow these steps!

-Enter the assessments module on the left hand side of the page.
-From there, select "Assigned" and choose the class that the assessment was created in.
-Here, you will find all of your assessments for that class, including the plus assessments. Find the title and select the three dots to the right.
-There, you will be able to edit, view details, view analytics, unassign, or manage assignees.
-By clicking "unassign" the assessment will be removed from the gradebook and deleted, along with any data that was collected.

You can also edit assessments in the points gradebook by double clicking the score, the assessment status, and even leave a comment by clicking the speech bubble.
If you'd like to mass score or choose an assessment status for multiple students, you can do so by selecting all students/specific students on the column all the way to the left.

*What Are My Next Steps?*

After you have edited or graded an assessment in your gradebook, you may need to create another one! Click below to find out how to create a new assessment! 

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