Since everyone thinks of newsletters in different ways, what we can address is parent communication. Parent communication can happen in a few ways with Otus. The class board will serve as a news “wall” for parents. Our mailbox allows you to schedule emails or text messages to go out to parents and students. 

Finally, our mobile phone app allows for parents to view grades and student recognitions. 


If a parent does not have an account yet, they will want to follow these steps:

Step 1:  Go to

Step 2:  Click Create a New Account

Step 3:  Choose FAMILY As The User Type 

Step 4:  Enter Family Information and Click Continue

Step 5:  Create your login and click Finish! 

Step 6: Click ADD A STUDENT

Step 7: Enter the STUDENT CODE.  Choose your relationship to the student in the menu.  Click DONE when complete.

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