What's New?

  • Standards and points based report cards have arrived! Admins can generate report cards for any group of students through their Analytics module. Click here to see an example!
  • 3rd-party assessment data is now organized by assessment company and can display that company's logo. Finding 3rd-party data is easier than ever.
  • Teachers can now attach YouTube videos, attach photos, record a video, and record audio to all question types in Simple Assessment.


  • Improved the Student Profile so that admins and teachers can transfer information to that student's report card. 
  • All 3rd-party assessment companies are now individual sections on the Student Profile. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several bugs dealing with long loading times. 
  • Fixed a bug that wasn't correctly displaying assessments turned in late.
  • Fixed a bug that was not allowing PowerPoint files to be uploaded to the Bookshelf. 
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