Redesigned Lesson Builder

Learn more about how to create lessons with our new knowledge base articles HERE.


Brand new version of the Student Profile

  • Added SBAC and AIMSweb to the Reports page.
  • Added an “All Classes” option for Notes so they exist forever (even if classes are archived or deleted).
  • Upload Profile Picture: For districts who turn off the ability for students to upload their own profile pictures, we are allowing Admin/Teacher users to add/delete/edit profile pictures directly in the Student Profile by clicking their current photo.


Lockdown Browser for Simple, Rubric, and Advanced Assessment

  • In the final step of the "Assign" process the user turns on the lockdown browser. 
  • Click here to learn more about the Lockdown Browser.

Rubric Assessments

  • If the rubric assessment attachment is a File, Link, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive file then it opens in a new tab automatically upon clicking.
  • We have removed the ability to enter a mass score for all students within an assessment.


Automatic Scroll Up for Filters

  • We now auto scroll up to the top of the page to update filtering selections


  • We now show if a student met or did not meet their growth projection.

Individual NWEA Breakdown header titles:

  • Updated titles will clearly communicate growth comparisons.
  • Updated pie chart colors and logic.
  • We have standardized the colors used in our pie charts so that purple will always be the highest cut score, and red will always be the lowest.


  • Bar chart colors updated globally (Standards, PARCC, SBAC, aimsweb, Other Assessment) to match the Style Guide.



  • In Otus Teacher/Admin we sorted Standard titles alphabetically (A-Z) left to right.
  • In Otus Student/Family we sorted Standard titles alphabetically (A-Z) top to bottom.
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