• Speed Enhancements: Now, when you create assessments and view analytics, you'll experience a significant decrease in loading time.
  • Users who aren’t connected to a district now have access to Common Core, NGSS, and Custom Standards. 
  • Button group colors changed from all purple to grey/purple.


3rd Party - SBAC

  • We’ve created a new way to visualize SBAC data within 3rd Party. 

Other Assessment - Filter Data 

  • If the teacher does not have students that took a particular Other Assessment, that Other Assessment no longer appears in the dropdown for that teacher at all. Currently we show all Other Assessment options within the district.


  • Drop down visual enhancements
  • The dropdown to select a standard uses our newest dropdown component (singe-select & searchable)
  • The dropdown to select a grading scale uses our newest dropdown component (single-select, not searchable)


Standards Gradebook

  • In Student’s Performance History, click in to the data point to see the content/grade of the individual attempt on the assessment (available for Advanced and Simple Assessments)
  • Users can now filter the table by assessment(s) or by standard(s) via our newest dropdown. 

Control Center

  • Family Information Upload
  • This allows the district to upload one CSV with all students’ family contact information (this does not create Otus Family accounts)


  • Rubric
  • Otus Student: Redesigned visuals when taking a Rubric assessment
  • Otus Teacher/Admin: Redesigned visuals when building a Rubric assessment
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