• Simple Assessment Analytics: Our simple assessments can now be viewed in Analytics> Assessment.  Multiple choice and true/false questions will show class averages for each answer choice.
  • Otus Admin - Swapping Query & 3rd Party: In the secondary navigation menu of Otus Admin, we flipped the position of Query and 3rd Party. 


  • Assessments & Lesson - Manage Assignees Visual Redesign: We moved the "Manage Assignees" button into the ellipses drop down (rather than a general button at the top of the page)
  • Advanced Assessment- Delete Items from Bank: Users will now be able to delete items they have created in our advanced assessment item builder.


  • "Add Resource" Update: When the user clicks "Add Resource" they will now immediately see the attachment popup to upload anything as a resource

Two differences from the normal attachment popup:

  1. We have an option for "Page" for users to create Page resources
  2. After uploading or selecting a resource, there is a "Share with" dropdown that allows users to share resources directly with classes upon creation

We are also:

  1. Removing the "Tags" and "Most Recent" pages in Bookshelf
  2. Removing a majority of the "Add Resource" current functionality (language, colors, tags, link to standards) 


  • +Assessment: We’re adding a new feature to our Gradebook module.  You can use it to quickly enter point values for an assessment you’ve given outside of Otus.  Simply name it, specify the total points it can be worth, attach it to a standard if you’d like, and enter your students’ scores.
  • Visual Redesign: We updated the visuals of the gradebook to match our Style Guide. 


Style Guide

  • Upgraded to Font Awesome 5, making all of our icons look slightly different globally in the app
  • We redesigned the mini menu according to the Style Guide that appears when clicking into an ellipsis (ex. My Assessments "...")
  • We redesigned the dropdowns where users can select 1+ options according to the Style Guide. This includes searchable and non-searchable dropdowns


  • The popup to attach something in Otus has been completely redesigned, still allowing users to upload files, videos, audio, YouTube videos, links, etc. as always

District Recognitions

  • By default we now prepopulate all districts with the following district recognitions:
  • Positive: Responsible, Inquisitive, Self-confident, Cooperative, Self-efficacy
  • Negative: Irresponsible, Disrespectful, Unproductive, Uncooperative
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