Simple Assessment

We listened to your feedback and created a quick, simple tool to make an assessment with three different question types:

  1. Multiple Choice
  2. True/False
  3. Short Answer 

Now, when you create a new assessment, you will pick Simple, Advanced, or Rubric.

Don't worry, you still have access to all of your previous features in the rubric and advanced assessment builders.  

For more information on how to use our new Simple Assessment tool, Click Here.

Advanced Assessment

The item title field has moved inside the item creation box.

Items you have created are now searchable by title within the item bank. 


3rd-Party - Other Assessments

We have flipped the chart axes for 3rd Party - Other Assessments. Previously, when teachers uploaded Other Assessment data, the attempt scores would fall along the x-axis of the results graph, and the different attempts would fall along the y-axis.  This was great for assessments with multiple attempts in different subjects, but not as great for multiple attempts over time.

Before the update:

Now, we've placed the attempts along the x-axis, so teachers can easily see growth over time.  If you've uploaded many attempts in one custom assessment, it can look messy, but don't worry!  You can always narrow down to one attempt by clicking the applicable plot point.

After the update:

Pie Chart Updates:

You will notice that pie charts throughout analytics and poll have been redesigned. These charts have an additional interactive feature that allow users to filter answers when viewing student data. Additionally, you have the ability to print these charts! 

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