First, navigate to your Assessments section.  If you only wish to see assessments assigned to you in a specific class, you can use the dropdown menu.

From there, click the row of the assessment you wish to take.  Read the brief instructions, then click Start.

Congratulations!  You've begun your assessment.  Now you can navigate back and forth between questions by using the arrows to the left and right of it.

For multiple choice and true/false questions, click to highlight the correct answer.  For short answer questions, just type your answer in the box.

You can also jump to a question by clicking on its number on the right side of your screen.  If you wish to exit the assessment before you're finished, you can click Save & Exit.  When you're ready to turn it in, click Submit.  Be careful, you can't make any changes to your assessment once you've clicked Submit.

After you submit the assessment and your teacher grades it, you can review your answers to see how you were graded by clicking on the assessment that says "Graded" from the main Assessment page.

Here are a few links for students taking our other assessment types!

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