“Add to Portfolio” Popup

  • When uploading a new item to Portfolio via the "Add to Portfolio" button we added a new question at the bottom of the popup: "Why are you adding this to Portfolio?" 

Portfolio Notes Redesign

  • We cleaned up the visuals of "Add Note" and "View Notes" (accessed in the ellipses dropdown of Portfolio items). We also combined them into one popup

Points Gradebook Status Colors

In the Assessment Status column:

  • Late & Missing is bold
  • Late is the dark red theme color
  • Missing is the dark red theme color and the background of the cell is red

Points & Standards

  • Hover over a student name, standard grade, or assessment status/date/grade for hover effect now


  • Enhanced visuals in the Assigned Assessments page

District Flags (Administrator Account Only)

  • Student Flags - Number of students assigned to student flags will be displayed in parentheses
  • Teacher Flags - Number of teachers assigned to a specific flag will be displayed in parentheses
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