Logging In

Navigate your web browser to https://my.otus.com.  Enter the Super Admin credentials that were shared with you by your Otus coach.

Viewing Teachers/Students/Classes

The first page you see after logging in is a list of all of your district sites.  Click on one of the site names to view a list of teachers belonging to that site.  You can use the drop down menus that appear to narrow your search by flag, site, or individual teacher name.  

You search students by name and flag by clicking the Students button below the Teachers button.

Adding Co-Admins

In order to give admin permissions to other users in your district, you must add them as a co-admin.  Click on the cog icon to navigate to the Control Center, where you can add co-admins.

From here, click on Admin Users to view a list of all users with admin permissions.

Click the plus sign to add a new admin user.

Enter the email of the user you wish to grant admin permissions to, click search, and then Set as Admin.

Assigning Grading Scales to Grade Levels

The Control Center provides additional options for Grading Scales and Custom Standards. 

From here, you will see the grading scales that are visible to each grade level. You have the option to allow all grades to have access to the grading scale, or you can limit it to certain grade levels. 

To adjust the visibility of certain grade scales, click on the section below Visible To. You can select the X to remove certain grade levels. If you click the box a second time, a drop-down menu will appear that will allow you to select or deselect various grade levels.  

If you remove Points from both Assessment Creation and Standards Gradebook, the points gradebook will be hidden from applicable teachers' view.

The ellipsis to the right of each scale will provide you with the option to create a term conversion. Click here to learn more about term conversion.

**If a teacher is unable to see a grading scale in their account, make sure to remind them to set a grade for the class they are teaching within the Class Info section of their class.  They can set the grade level for a class by selecting Class Info from the Classes module. This can also be done from admin account. Here is a link on how to view information on a class.

Choosing District Standards 

Super Admin users have the ability to limit the standard sets that appear in accounts connected to the district. When a standard is linked to an assessment question, a lesson, a bookshelf resource, or views standards connected to Inspect Items, only the pre-selected standards will display when choosing the standards, and when viewing the standard gradebook. 

To select your district standards, select the Control Center located on the left-hand tool bar. 

From here, click the standards settings tab located in the center of the page. Choose standards that you would like to be visible by checking or unchecking the appropriate boxes. To select a certain set of state standards, make sure that the state standard box is marked and the desired state is chosen from the drop down menu at the top right corner.

Choosing District Recognitions

From the main page, you can click on Recognitions to see a list of all of our pre-loaded positive and negative recognitions.  Feel free to add and remove the ones you'd like.  For more info, click here.

Viewing Analytics

You can view assessment, attendance, recognition, participation, and standards analytics for any data you've recorded or uploaded into Otus.  To view analytics, click on the graph icon on the left side of the Otus app.

To view Assessment Analytics, select Assessments from the submenu. For all multiple choice item-based assessments, you can view an item by item analysis of the assessment for the whole class by clicking Assessments, specifying which assessment, and running the report.

You can also choose "Type Comparison."

For more information on our Analytics module, click here.

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