After your students take the Thrively Strength Assessment, it is helpful to link Otus with a Thrively teacher account so that you can easily track and monitor student results and activities that are completed with the Thrively-Otus integration.

Teacher Setup 

First, teachers should go to and select "Join" in the top right corner to create your teacher account.

Once you have created your account, click on the button called My Class. Next, choose the Add Students button. From there, you will see an Invite Code that you can share with your students to enter from their account.

Student Setup
After logging in to Otus, students should click on their Learning Profile.

Next, students should click on Thrively from the secondary navigation menu and should click the I have already taken the Thrively Student Strength Assessment button if they have already completed the assessment.

Upon clicking that button, students will see their Thrively Student Dashboard. Below the "Hello" welcome message, students should click on the Otus button and select Link to More Teachers. They will be prompted to enter the Invite Code provided from the teacher. 

After students have entered the invite code, teachers will see notifications for Requests in the top right corner within their Thrively account. Teachers can accept or reject students from joining your class.

Congratulations you have now linked your students from Otus to Thrively! Students can access all Thrively activities within Otus by going to their Learning Profile. When students complete activities, teachers can monitor and track progress within their teacher Thrively account.

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