Printing Item Assessments/Answer Keys with Compatible Items

Downloadable CSV files for Points and Standards Gradebook
We’ve added an icon to both our Standards and Points Gradebook to export a printable CSV file, allowing teachers to easily migrate their data to wherever their grades are being housed.

 Assessments – Cloned Assessments
The contents within your assessment will now be cloned as well. This means that changes that are made to items in your cloned assessment will not appear in the original version of the assessment. 

Class Board – Added “Select All” option in new post’s Class dropdown
Teachers will now be able to create a single post to share with all or selected classes. 

Blog and Assessments:  
Ability to upload multiple images at once (instead of one at a time).

Analytics – NWEA
Instructional Area Scores now display in the Student Progress Report popup.

Analytics - Assessment - Pie Chart Key
The Pie Chart Key now displays percentages instead of letter grades.  

User Profile Redesign
We’ve updated the look of user profiles, but don’t worry.  All the information from your old profile will still be there.

Date Picker Replacement
We have added a new and improved date picking tool for anywhere on our site where you would have to pick a specific date: Blog, Calendar, Mailbox, Poll, Family Communication Log, Student Profile Recognition, Lesson, Assessments, etc. 


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