Assessment Item- Linked Standards

  • Users can easily view and delete standards linked to items directly from the Assessment Builder. 

Editing Assigned Assessments 

  • Once an assessment is assigned, it is the exact version students will take. Any changes that are made to assessments that have been previously assigned will not be viewable by students unless you choose to unassign and reassign the most recent version.  
  • You can easily unassign and reassign your assessment by selecting the “Managing Assignees” button within the Assigned Assessment tab.   

Main Administrator Account Specific Updates

Custom Grading Scales

  • The creation of custom grading scales can only occur within the Main Administrator account. Co-administrators should contact the person in change of this main account to add new custom grading scales.  

Control Center- Gradebook

  • Main Administrators can now hide the Points Gradebook from Administrator, Teacher, Student, and Family accounts. This can be done by unchecking both boxes located next to the Points grading option in the Control Center.

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