In order to adjust the numeric ranges for each term in the grading scale, you must be logged into the Main Administrator account. 

Within the Main Administrator account, select Control Center from the lefthand toolbar.

The Control Center provides additional options for Grading Scales, Admin Permissions, and Custom Standards. You are automatically taken to the Grading Scales page after entering the Control Center.  From here, you will see the grading scales that each grade level is able to view.

You view the term conversion settings by selecting the ellipse that appears when you hover to the right of the grading scale as shown in the image below.

Once you are viewing the Term Conversion for a specific grading scale, you will notice two different sections.
*Both sections must be completed in order to save the term conversion.*

The section to the right will take a numeric value that falls within the range you have determined and change it to the term name that you have chosen (exceeds, meets, approaching, etc..). 

The portion to the right will award the pre-determined numeric value to the corresponding term.

Examples of term conversions for two different grading scales is shown below. The first shows the term conversions for letter grades A, B, C, D, F.

This example shows term conversions for Exceeds, Meets, Approaching, and Not at Standard. 

After the conversions are applied, you will have the ability to toggle between the different grading scale views in the Standards' Gradebook.

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