What can and can't teachers, students, and parents see on a class Blog? 

Teachers can see...

  • All posts published to their classes by all of their students
  • All comments to their class's posts by all students
  • All posts by teachers in their class
  • Teachers have the ability to disallow commenting on the blog as a whole

Students can see...

  • All Posts by all students (this can be adjusted by the teacher)
  •  Students have the ability to make a post (Private), making their post ONLY visible to the teacher and parents, not their fellow students
  • All posts by teacher
  • All comments to all posts (this can be adjusted by the teacher)
  • ONLY students can see posts that they haven't published to a class.  This acts as a draft, and neither parents, fellow students, nor teachers will have access to this.

Parents can see...

  • All posts by their child
  • Only comments by the teacher on their child's post
  • Parents can't see comments to teacher posts
  • Parents can't see posts by teacher
  • Parents can't comment on posts
  • Parents can see any Assessment or Blog Post in Otus that the teacher or student wants to showcase to them in their child's portfolio.  Both teachers and students can "star" work for the portfolio if they want to showcase it to parents.
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