You have the ability to quickly transfer a student to a different class in Otus. 

First, locate and copy the code associated with the class to which you will transfer the student. The code can be found on each class tile on the Home page or by clicking on Class Info tab within the Classes module. 

Once you have identified the class code, locate the student who will be transferring or removing classes within the class they will be removed from. Open their student profile by clicking the square in the upper right hand corner and scroll down the page as shown in the video below.

Select the option to Transfer to a Different Class and enter the new class code. The student is now rostered in a new class.  To just remove the student, click Remove from Class.

Please keep in mind that any grades, assignments, or lessons the student has completed in the original class will be removed from the student's profile once they are transferred to a new class.  

***If your district syncs Otus to your SIS for rostering purposes, please contact your SIS administrator before making class changes in Otus to ensure that the change will be permanent.

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