You can edit and rename assessment items either from your item bank, or from within the assessment builder.  Here's how:

Click Assessments 

To Edit an Item Within an Assessment:

Hover over the assessment containing the item you wish to edit and click Edit.

Click the item in your assessment that you wish to edit the name of.  After previewing the item, click Edit.

If you scroll down, you will see the item in the item builder.  You can edit the title by clicking on the Title text box in the top left corner of the item builder.  

If you would edit a question within an item, click the pencil icon located to the right.

Be sure to click the blue Save button in the upper right hand corner. This blue button will change to green to indicated that it was saved successfully. 

To Edit an Item in your personal Item Bank:

From the assessment module, click on the Item Bank submenu.

Click on the name of the item you wish to edit, preview it, then click Edit.

Use the text box in the top left corner of the item builder to change the item name.  When you are finished, click anywhere on the screen.

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