A recognition report allows you to visualize positive and negative behavior data collected at the classroom level. In addition to proficiency data like grades, recognition reports provide another holistic element to the data discussion about student performance.

The recognition report visualizes the number of positive behaviors and negative behaviors.

In order to start a report, select Analytics from the home page.

Within this page, select Recognitions from the secondary navigation menu.

Use the drop-down buttons at the top of the page to select a date range as well as the ability to disaggregate the data with the Filter button. You can filter the attendance by classes, flags, or individual students. Once you have chosen your filters, select the Run Report button.

At the top of the report, you can view all recognition, positive recognition, and negative recognition. Recognitions are colored and can be visualized in the corresponding pie chart.

You also have the option to view recognitions by student, class, or type. Simply select the appropriate tab at the top of the page to view the results.

Click Download CSVĀ 

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