You now have the ability to upload any assessment data you have into Otus and see a helpful visualization of that data all in one place. You have the opportunity to set individual student targets as well as group targets which are incorporated into the visuals.

Select Analytics and then 3rd Party from the left-hand toolbar to upload, manage, and view Other Assessment data.

The gear icon located in the upper right hand corner of the Other Assessment tile will provide you with the option to download an assessment template, add a new assessment, or edit previously uploaded assessment data. 

If you are importing a new 3rd Party Other Assessment, there are a few key components you will be asked to identify during the initial setup.

  • Assessment Company Name
  • Assessment Name
  • Assessment Minimum Score
  • Assessment Maximum Score

Selecting Edit Other Assessment will provide you with additional options to manage your data and target sets.

Once you have entered the initial information, you have the ability to identify Group Target Sets that you wish to view and group for this assessment. For example, you may have identified a target score that you want all students to achieve on the assessment or you may have identified categories of performance on the assessment (approaching, meets, exceeds). You can define these here so they display in the visuals.

In the csv upload, the fields that are required include Student Email, Assessment Attempt Name, Test Date, and Student Score.

You can also include Student Percentile and Student Target in the file.  Student Targets give you the option to personalize the data included in the analytics at the student level.

Now that you have uploaded your data, it is time to access it and begin to use it!

Select the desired assessment from the left drop down menu and a Group Target Set from the right drop down menu.

You will see the Attempt Averages visual that shows the average score for each item of data that has been added and horizontal bars showing the Group Targets that you identified in the earlier steps.  Attempts will be along the x-axis, while scores will be along the y-axis.

In the upper right corner of the visual, you will see the hamburger icon which allows you to print the chart, or download it as a .png, .jpg, .pdf or svg vector image.

The next visual you will see is a horizontal bar chart displaying the data categorically based on the Group Targets and the Student Targets.

As before, you can use the hamburger icon to print or download any of these charts. Similar to other charts within Otus, you can select any segment of the bar chart to pull up the list of students in that group and you can Manage Flags for that group. Using the legend with each of these bar charts, you can toggle each of the categories on or off to determine which you see at any point in time.

At the bottom of the page, you will see a table that shows the Individual Breakdown for each student in the group that you chose. If you click on an individual student’s name, you will pull up an individual report for that specific student.  You can toggle between the single target score and group target score markers using the tabs in the top right corner of the screen, and can also switch between attempt names using the drop down on the top left corner of the screen.

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