The Otus Student Performance Platform enables educators and administrators to integrate Khan Academy data.   This student information can be uploaded and viewed within the Analytics, 3rd Party module of the platform.

To integrate your student Khan Academy data, select Analytics from the left hand menu. Click the tile labeled 3rd Party resource.  

Choose Khan Academy from the product list and click the arrow to the right.

In order to integrate with Khan Academy and view your students’ data in Otus Analytics, have each of your students add this code to their Khan Academy account as a new class/coach: GQY8KP

Continue clicking the right arrow until you get to this screen. Click the right arrow one more time and you will have successfully integrated Khan Academy.

As students begin completing tasks in Khan Academy, the data will be reflected in Otus the following day. HERE is a link to an article that will help you analyze that data in Otus.

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