When trying to assess all students across a whole school district, there are some best practices it's important to be aware of to make sure the data is grouped in an accurate and actionable way.

First, have an administrator with permissions to view all sites with students that will be taking the benchmark assessment create the assessment, or make sure to send a copy of the assessment to that administrator's account.

From here, you can send a locked copy of the assessment as a Locked Assessment.

If you share it as a locked assessment to the teachers as a group (Teacher Flag) then:

  • Teachers will be able to assign the assessment to their students when it makes sense
  • Teachers who need a printed copy for a student will have the ability to print the assessment
  • You will be able to review the aggregated data in Assessment Analytics and in Query (Query will be especially helpful when using data to identify students for programs)
  • Teachers will be able to review the data on their students from the assessment since they will have assigned it within their classes
  • Principals and lead teachers will be able to view the overall data for a grade level and break it down by teacher because the assessments will have been assigned by their teachers in their classes. 
  • You will need to make sure that all teachers assign the assessments and give them to their students. Once you send a locked copy of the assessment to the proper individual teacher or teacher flags, they will be able to see that shared assessment in their "Drafts" with a padlock icon next to it.
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